Safe Care Trust International (SCTI), a Registered Trust is a psychiatric and drug rehabilitation centre established in 2014. Our aim is to provide quality treatment to the patients suffering from mental and addictive illnesses. We want to be able to help the vulnerable people of our society whether living in the neighborhood of SCTI or in the remote areas of Pakistan. The patients are provided treatment and rehabilitation including medication, counseling/psychotherapy, indoor games and nursing care.

An addict is a sick person who needs humanistic treatment. Our 90-days Treatment Program for drugs and alcohol addiction is the minimum required treatment program at Safe Care Trust International and serves as the cornerstone for maintaining sobriety. Our 90-Day Program is segmented into three 30-days “Stages”, each covering a unique range of appropriate topics and protocols. Over the course of the next 90-days, Clients are presented with an intensive daily regimen which takes place at the Skill House.

The schedule includes:

  • Group Therapy Sessions that Focus on Early Recovery Skills
  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Social Support in Recovery

Group therapy sessions run 1.5 hours, include up to 12 Client participants, and follow a curriculum-based process and problem solving approach. Individual counseling sessions run 50 minutes, though shorter sessions may be scheduled as a function of the Client’s needs or his counselor’s request to provide additional support or crisis management.


The first 30-days of this core treatment program is referred to as “Stage 1”. It begins with an initial overall assessment and stabilization period. During this time our clinical team establishes a formal Individualized Treatment Plan for each Client while seeking to identify the core issues contributing to the addiction and any stumbling blocks to a lasting recovery.

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