To eliminate drug addiction from society, awareness campaigns through mass media, essay contests, lectures and declamation contest in schools, colleges and universities should be run in order to create awareness about the ill effects of drug addiction. Provincial education departments should develop a curriculum against drugs for inclusion in textbooks at school, college and university levels.
The researches proved that people who start smoking cigarettes and or drink alcohol at young age are much more likely to experiment with illegal drugs than people who do not smoke or drink. Efforts should be made to control the tobacco smoking in the country because it is the gateway to drug abuse.
Awareness and prevention must start at home, with parents. Parents should be vigilant and keep an eye on the company and activities of their children and should spend more time with their children. They should keep their children busy and motivate them to say their prayers regularly. Religious scholars should be encouraged to take up this issue in their Friday Sermons.
A drug-free life-style and a healthy society is very much a part of the Islamic way of life.
The government should dedicate help lines for youth and parents with information and diversion to rehabilitation centers or hospitals. Government should solve unemployment problem in the country because economic worries provide a fertile ground for drug addiction, the smuggling routes and its entry into cities have to be blocked. The police have to be taken to task on this corruption. Some new accountability laws have to be made and implemented. The supply line has to be broken. People who are playing with lives of our youth do not deserve any concession. Unless serious measures are taken now, the very future of a large chunk of today’s youth will be compromised.

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