There are many competing theoretical approaches to drug addiction treatment/rehab. Some use behavioural approaches (where undesirable behaviour is punished and recovery behaviour is rewarded). Other drug rehabs use a purely medical approach, preferring to use a great deal of medication to try and treat the disease of addiction. The most modern, and internationally accepted, approaches to drug rehab use a blend of approaches to address all facets of addiction and recovery. Minnesota House employs this model of treatment (and is even named for it) and our Head of Treatment holds an international accreditation in this model.

Holistic Treatment

Instead of relying on just one treatment method a more holistic approach to treating substance abuse disorders is employed in SCTI. We typically create a treatment team that includes medical doctors, addiction counselors, social workers, and psychologists. These professionals are working to bring their unique insights and training to create a holistic understanding of the patient. Because of this rich understanding treatment becomes a great deal more effective.

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