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Safe Care Trust International is an independent service provider regarding mental health treatment and associated care.

At SCTI Patient will be admitted at the advice of concerned consultants that will suggest treatment plan.

Admission Procedure

• Either the patient or relative must contact the front office/ reception desk staff.
• SCTI professionals will give you complete information regarding treatment procedure
• An admission file will be provided for completion with patient details, and a consent form to be signed for the treatment that will be provided.
• A deposit will have to be paid at the counter.
• Once the registration formalities are completed, the patient is escorted the room/ward. No family member is allowed to accompany the patient.

To make the treatment procedure more comfortable and pleasant for the individual, a variation in accommodation
has been designed.

After the doctor had advice the patient will be introduced to the facilities and may make a choice from:

• Executive Room
• Economical Room
• Semi-Private Ward
• General Ward

Length of Stay in SCTI

First, Patient will be admitted to the program and given an assessment. This may be one of the most important steps of treatment, because during this step, the staff of the SCTI will take down patient’s medical history and assess personality as well as the nature of addiction. During this process, the SCTI staff will help the patient to determine how much time may need to spend in treatment.

Rehab is about more than overcoming a physical addiction to a substance. While it is necessary to eliminate the addictive substance from the body, it is also necessary to work on the psychological aspect of addiction, as well. Drug treatment program lengths do vary, not only for each individual, but for each treatment facility, as well. While a certain length of stay may be appropriate for one person, it may not be appropriate for another. However, studies have shown that a longer stay in rehab can be more successful than a shorter stay.

Rehab programs that are 90 days or longer are beneficial for a number of reasons. People who suffer from addiction need time to cleanse their bodies of the addictive substance the right way. While certain facilities may choose to have a patient come clean from a substance all at once, but SCTI may take a longer approach and have the patient slowly reduce the amount of substance he uses until he completely stops using. The detoxification process is not a part of overcoming addiction that many people consider when they want to know how long does rehab take?
While the method used to detox can vary from facility to facility, it does not change the fact that time is needed to do it properly. Longer rehab programs allow a patient to take the time needed to properly stop abusing a substance. During the detoxification process, a patient must be monitored to ensure he remains medically sound and is not in any danger.Another reason a longer rehab program can be beneficial is because it allows addiction sufferers the opportunity to work on the root causes of the addiction. In order for a patient to successfully overcome an addiction, he must understand why he is dependent to particular drug. Unlike shorter programs, a longer rehabilitation program allows the patient to explore his reasons for becoming dependent on a substance. SCTI also allow the Patient to work with trained professionals on regular basis to determine the most effective ways for him to understand and cope with his addiction. The time it takes to explore the reasons for addiction is a factor many patients should consider when they are wondering how long rehab takes.

Rules and regulations in SCTI

• SCTI will not tolerate violent behavior towards its staff. Violators will be liable to prosecution.
• SCTI clinics are weapon free areas.
• All patients and visitors are kindly requested to take care for their valuables. The management will not be responsible in any case of theft or loss.
• 2 or 3 attendants are allowed with each patient in the out-patient waiting areas.
• Smoking is prohibited inside the clinic.

Discharge Procedure

• The staff nurse will initiate discharge formalities and discharge will be given by duty doctor.
• Billing counter will ensure prompt and efficient handling.
• On payment of bill a folder containing the discharge papers and instructions for future treatment, follow-up visit with the consultants, etc will be handed over.


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